Swing clamp cylinders, campact

 Swing clamp cylinders, campact

Swing clamp cylinders release the clamping point on the workpiece. 

With this, it is easy to change the workpiece. 

This swing clamp cylinder operates as a single-acting or double-acting 

pull cylinder, whereas part of the stroke is used to rotate the piston. 

The model with 0° swing angle operates only vertical as a pull cylinder.

The clamping motion is initiated with a superimposed swing 

and stroke movement. After that, a linear clamping stroke follows. 

Cylinders with swing angles 0°, 45°, 60°, 90° are available as standard.

Except for the standard clamp arm also special clamp arms can 

be assembled. The maximum operating pressure of 350 bar only 

applies to clamp arms with a maximum length of 26 mm.

Swing clamp cylinders operate single-acting with spring reset 

or double-acting hydraulically. For hydraulic oil supply either 

manifold connections with exterior thread or O-ring can be used.