Endless Possibilities

Since 1974 Swiss Rotary Table Technology pL LEHMANN has been developing and producing CNC rotary tables for over 40 years. – genuine SWISS QUALITY. The experience gained is incorporated into our products and services. With innovative CNC rotary axes, organized in a standard modular system, we want to meet the international needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized workpieces in the machining industry by satisfying individual requirements with appropriate combinations. We focus ourselves, our organization, resources and partnerships on this objective, immersed in a lean business system, where we avoid waste of any kind. In this way we make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. Our goal is to take a stance in the manufacturing industry that is long-lasting, sustainable and innovative – unpretentious, reliable and down to earth based on the principle "What may be briefly of interest, but wrong in the long term, will be discarded" Today, pL LEHMANN is still a family-owned and managed company in the hands the second generation and present in over 20 countries. The company is committed to typical Swiss values: Depth of manufacturing – over 90% developed and manufactured in-house Product quality – reliable, durable, safe High-tech – Industry 4.0-compatible, ready to be automated Innovation – in tune with the times, adaptable, trendsetting Sustainability – long-term approach to business, environmentally conscious Basic values – honest, correct, fair