Manual couplings with safety seating

 Manual couplings with safety seating
Our manual coupling systems are used on machine tools that operate with
hydraulic jigs and fixtures but are not equipped as standard with a hydraulic
interface to the hydraulic oil supply of the jig pallet. Coupling and uncoupling
are executed by the operating staff.

This coupling process can be executed with two snap-lock couplings
but then there is always the risk of mixing up the pressure and tank lines,
the coupling process takes considerably longer and the necessary safety
devices must be installed externally. 

With the new manual coupling system from HYDROKOMP you use a 
compact sub-assembly that is quick and easy to couple up and in which
all the necessary safety elements are incorporated, such as the receiver
register to protect against excessive pressure. Manometer, releasable 
non-return valve, pressure relief valve and reservoir are all integrated
in a space-saving manner. 

The coupling unit can be equipped with two different hydraulic reservoirs.