Flat base clamping systems staticlamp®

Flat base clamping systems staticlamp®

Now you can set up and manufacture more flexible and economical.

With the staticlamp® flat base clamping systems, HYDROKOMP offers 

a highly-precise program that allows single, double, centric and multiple

clamping. Whether for milling, drilling or grinding, the applications are 

manifold at great repetition accuracy. The clamping systems are modular

and guarantee easy handling and stability.

At common clamping systems workpieces of an axially symmetrical 

manner are subject to offset to zero position within a tolerance limit. 

This makes exact serial production more difficult.

The precise flat base clamping systems staticlamp allow symmetrical 

clamping set to zero. This precision is achieved by screwing in the 

centre bolts from the double clamping system. So, within less than 

one minute resetting time a centric clamping system is made.