Pessure pump-units, lever or pedal

Pessure pump-units, lever or pedal

The area of application for this pressure pump is intended for simple 

clamping fixture. Its size and weight make transportation easy. 

Single or double-acting hydraulic systems can be supplied, 

depending on the model. The pumps are pneumatically operated. 

The required pressure adjustment is enabled by means of a pneumatic 

maintenance unit included in the circuit. In the case of pressure loss, 

the pump for single-acting hydraulic elements cannot automatically 

repressurise as a result of its mode of operation. The pump for 

double-acting hydraulic elements can do this within the scope 

of the available oil volume. Operation is by means of pedals. 

Double-acting cylinders are reversed by means of the 

4/2 directional control valve. 

The compressed air must be regulated by means of a pneumatic 

maintenance unit. The use of a mist oiler is not essential.

Operation is possible in areas at risk of explosion.